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CSharpier can be used to programmatically format code.

This requires adding the CSharpier.Core nuget package to your project.

dotnet add package CSharpier.Core

Some examples of working with the class CodeFormatter

var unformattedCode = "public class ClassName { }";

var formattedCode = CodeFormatter.Format(unformattedCode).Code;
var asyncFormattedCode = await CodeFormatter.FormatAsync(unformattedCode).Code;

var options = new CodeFormatterOptions { Width = 60 };
var narrowerCode = CodeFormatter.Format(unformattedCode, options);
var asyncNarrowerCode = await CodeFormatter.FormatAsync(unformattedCode, options);

var codeWithCompilationErrors = "public class ClassName {";
var result = CodeFormatter.Format(codeFormCompilationErrors);
if (result.CompilationErrors.Any())
// result.Code will still be the unformatted code, it is not possible to format code that can't compile
// result.CompilationErrors will contain all the errors from attempting to compile the code