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What is CSharpier?

CSharpier is an opinionated code formatter for c#. It uses Roslyn to parse your code and re-prints it using its own rules. The printing process was ported from prettier but has evolved over time.

CSharpier provides a few basic options that affect formatting and has no plans to add more. It follows the Option Philosophy of prettier.

Quick Start

Install CSharpier in a project with the following command.

dotnet tool install csharpier

Then format the contents of the project

dotnet csharpier .

See Install a local tool and CLI Usage for more information

CSharpier can also format on save in your editor, as a pre-commit hook, as part of your build or even programatically. Then you can ensure code was formatted with a CI/CD tool.

Try it out


public class ClassName {
public void CallMethod() {
var shuffle = shuffle.Skip(26).LogQuery("Bottom Half").InterleaveSequenceWith(shuffle.Take(26).LogQuery("Top Half"), shuffle.Skip(26).LogQuery("Bottom Half")).LogQuery("Shuffle").ToArray();


public class ClassName
public void CallMethod()
var shuffle = shuffle
.LogQuery("Bottom Half")
shuffle.Take(26).LogQuery("Top Half"),
shuffle.Skip(26).LogQuery("Bottom Half")